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How Author Iram Gilani Used Her Darkest Struggles to Shed Some Light for Others Through Writing

Iram Gilani is a Pakistani-American author who has seemingly been through it all: abandonment, physical and emotional abuse, homelessness, and a violent gun assault. However, she’s learned from her experiences and transcended her deep depression and post-traumatic stress disorder to be a voice for the abused and marginalized. That is the basis for her incredibly inspiring book, Silent No More. She acknowledges the incredible impact her brother, Ali, had on her life. Ali, born with developmental challenges, became a savior to her, despite his own limitations. He helped her through some of the darkest moments of her life, and through his actions underscored the importance of acceptance and empathy. She reminds us that having a support system is key to the recovery process, and explains how non-victims can show up for their loved ones.

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Iram Gilani is Silent No More

Iram Gilani is a name you will remember. Born and raised in Pakistan to a Syed-caste family, she experienced many incredible hardships from a shockingly young age. At thirteen, Iram moved to the United States. Thrilled to be leaving her past behind, she was inspired by the promise of her future. However, her struggles would not end with this move, as she would eventually become the victim of brutal gun violence. In the following interview, Iram discusses the turbulent nature of her life, the low valleys and hopeful peaks, and discusses how culture, class, and gender discrimination played a role in the person she would become. Through all her retellings, her resilient spirit is what endures and inspires. Today, Iram is an advocate for fellow survivors of trauma, abuse, and violence. She offers her memoir, Silent No More, online for free in hopes that others will find solace in her words.

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