Iram Gilani
Autobiographical Nonfiction
United States

Book Summary

Iram Gilani’s upbringing was unconventional, far from the typical American Dream. In her autobiography, Unchained At Last—a gripping retrospective of love and growth—Iram unravels her deepest childhood wounds and traumatic familial conflicts. Her raw recounting of growing up Pakistani-American and reconciling the patriarchal dominance of her past, and the unwritten freedom of the future, is an essential story for anyone following a similar path.

In Unchained At Last, she reflects on her childhood trauma, fractured family ties, and many unforeseen obstacles: abuse by her brother, molestation, deceit, physical disfigurement, post-traumatic stress disorder, family betrayal, and mental illness. The book portrays Iram’s struggle for identity, freedom, and peace in the face of strife. Throughout all her trials and tribulations, she remained committed to her goals, overcoming a life burdened by insecurity. Above all, her experiences highlight humanity’s need for deep healing and resilience and demonstrate the power of tapping into compassion and love in the face of fear and uncertainty.

Profoundly resonant and touchingly honest, Unchained At Last is the perfect blend of autobiography and self-help. It’s a crucial resource for anyone looking to achieve their highest potential, find community, and build strength. With harrowing flashbacks and searing personal accounts of mistreatment, Unchained At Last will humble, inspire, and push you to grow.