Iram Gilani

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Book Collection

Book Collection

Healing Echoes: A Collection of Tales from the Shadows of Trauma

Survival, Trauma

She Reflects On Her Childhood Trauma

Survival, Trauma

An Intimate Portrait of How Trauma Affects Us All.

12 August 2023

Invisible Tears a gripping retrospective of love and growth.

Iram Gilani is a Pakistani-American who rose from the depths of depression and post- traumatic stress disorder to be a voice for the abused and marginalized.


Transformative Trauma: Life-Altering Events

Explore the profound impact of pivotal moments in this collection, delving into the intersection of trauma and life-changing events

March 11

March 11, 2014

In the afternoon of March 11, 2014, Umair and one of his bodyguards visited my aunts’ home. “My car broke down on the way back from our village. Can I borrow your car?” Umair inquired, placing his keys on a nearby table.

March 12

March 12, 2014 - Islamabad, Pakistan

Fortunately, we quickly reached Shifa International Hospital after leaving the previous one, even though the journey felt endless. The staff at Kulsum International Hospital had informed Shifa about our condition beforehand. Upon arrival, the hospital staff, anticipating our arrival, greeted us with stretchers. In separate rooms, my aunt and I received necessary fluids and medications to stabilize our condition.

March to April

March to April 2014

After my initial surgery, more distressing news emerged. Umair’s friend Riz, whom I had traveled to Pakistan to meet, had a severe car accident and was admitted to the same hospital. Umair shared pictures of the crumpled white BMW 7-series Riz was in during the journey from Lahore to Islamabad. The photos depicted unimaginable wreckage, leaving me devastated.

Every Picture Tells A Story